Tribute to the Icon Xavi Hernández

Xavi Hernández – The Collectible

In August 2023, we released a Xavi Hernández – The Collectible – Collector’s Box. “The Collectible” is a revolutionary approach in the high-end hobby market that combines art, collecting, experiences and the passion for sport.

  • We produced 150 Xavi Hernandez – The Collectible – Collector’s boxes.
  • All boxes included a high-end trading card with match-worn memorabilia pieces incorporated, a signed jerseys and four boxes contained special and authentic match-worn memorabilia signed by Xavi (E.g. one of Xavi’s match-worn finals game boots or a match-worn captain’s armband).
  • All 150 trading cards are numbered.
  • There are 141 signed memorabilia double book cards, 8 signed memorabilia patch-cards that incorporate the logos of the match-worn jerseys and a one-of-a-kind 1 of 1 card with signature.
  • All cards were personally signed by Xavi Hernández..
  • 20 box owners got a meet & greet with Xavi Hernández