2023 World Champions


In December 2023, in collaboration with the German Basketball Federation, we launched a trading card collection of the newly crowned Basketball World Champions – the German National Basketball Team – in honor of their historic success of winning the 2023 Basketball World Cup.

There were Single cards with incorporated match-worn itms from the semifinal and final of the 2023 World Cup for direct purchase and limited edition Gold & Gold Lite boxes to collect the entire World Champion team.

  • Exclusive match-worn shorts from Franz Wagner, Andreas Obst and Daniel Theis as well as a match-worn jersey from Niels Giffey from the semi-final against the USA and the final against Serbia have been incorporated into the memorabilia cards.
  • There are a total of 100 cards from each of the four players. Ten of each of these cards were offered for direct purchase.
  • The limited Gold Boxes contain 16 cards, the limited Gold Lite Boxes contain 8 cards. The boxes included Player Action Cards, Player Trophy Cards, Parallel Cards, Numbered Parallel Cards, Base Cards and One-of-Ones from each player as well as the match-worn memorabilia cards.
  • The numbered parallels are divided into red (#40), silver (#30) and gold (#10).
20 buyers of the limited DBB Gold Boxes will receive an exclusive Meet & Greet with the 2023 World Champions of the German national basketball team
  • 12 buyers of the limited edition DBB Gold Lite boxes will each receive 2 tickets for the German national basketball team’s preparatory games for the 2024 Olympics