Ultimate Dropz, the leading high-end collectibles Start-Up, proudly presents its groundbreaking creation – “The Collectible”.

This extraordinary concept combines the cultural relevance of Trading Cards with exquisite memorabilia, presented in high-end boxes crafted in Germany. Limited to only 150 pieces worldwide, “The Collectible” will captivate football enthusiasts and collectors alike, marking the beginning of an exclusive series featuring 11 of the greatest football legends in history.

The debut release of “The Collectible” pays tribute to the legacy of Spanish football legend and current FC Barcelona Coach Xavi Hernández, an eminent figure in the annals of football and the mastermind behind the evolution of Spain’s Tiki Taka. Beyond regular trading cards, this unique project includes valuable memorabilia like Xavi’s match-worn items that highlight his illustrious career. Each piece captures significant moments of triumph, cherished by fans worldwide.

Football embodies passion, emotion, and fanaticism. It evokes a deep desire among fans to preserve unique football moments. People are willing to go to great lengths for football, even sacrificing their lives sometimes. These beautiful trading cards made by Ultimate Dropz are my moments. I had the privilege to live my dream as an elite footballer, but if I wouldn’t, I would have done everything to get a box of ‘The Collectible’ too,” affirmed Xavi.

“The Collectible” has also been possible thanks to ISL, a Sports Marketing agency based in Barcelona and Miami. This marks the first of many collaborations Ultimate Dropz and ISL are working on together to create exclusive and collectible products with other global football icons.

We have collaborated with several Trading Cards & Memorabilia companies in the past, but so far we haven’t seen anything as curated, exclusive and authentic and that is one of the reasons why we’ve decided to join the team and work together with Ultimate Dropz to bring the biggest talents in football history to the table,” expressed Marc Segarra, Managing Partner at ISL.

The official sale of “The Collectible” is on September 01, 2023. 
The Official Box Opening Video: YouTube Link

In a collector’s market where items like Maradona or Messi jerseys, trading cards of Erling Haaland or Luka Doncic, are sold for several million euros, ‘The Collectible’ brings together all the highlights for collectors. We are happy that ISL helped us to secure this partnership with Xavi Hernández, one of the all-time greats and the mastermind behind Spain’s golden football era. We are excited to announce the next iconic and international football stars that will be coming very soon,” shared Frederik Straube and Diego Checa, Founders of Ultimate Dropz.

About Ultimate Dropz: Ultimate Dropz is a leading provider of exclusive collectibles, fusing the worlds of sports, entertainment, and luxury craftsmanship. Committed to excellence and innovation, Ultimate Dropz creates exceptional offerings that capture the essence of iconic figures and moments, delighting collectors worldwide.

About ISL Agency: ISL is a sports management and marketing agency focused on bringing international growth opportunities to the major sports properties in the world. With a primary focus on the United States of America, ISL has work with sports entities such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Lionel Messi, PSG, Manchester City and others to develop various programs and commercial opportunities.

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