Rookie Card


In April 2022, we’ve have released an exclusive trading card with Kristijan Beslic aka. Kiki – one of the biggest trading card collectors and ambassadors in Europe, Kobe Bryant superfan and founder of the legendary brothers trading card store.

  • We produced 100 limited edition trading cards in 3 categories. 
  • The cards were shipped in an exclusive box with a certificate of authenticity and all Raffle participants received access to the exclusive NFT drop. 

  • 98 cards were silver plated and numbered. 

  • The unique 1 of 1 card had a gold finishing.

  • 8 cards in total were signed by Kiki

  • The owner of the 1 of 1 card received a special benefit 

  • The drop was activated with a product trailer and via social media.


Each buyer received a KIKI trading card in a random card category, an authentication certificate and a limited Ultimate Dropz box. As a special all raffle participants received access to the exclusive NFT Drop.