We proudly stand as the most exclusive trading card company in the world, elevating the Collectibles Game to a new level of excellence.

Ultimate Dropz crafts limited editions and customized trading cards featuring extraordinary IPs and Personalities, granting fans unparalleled opportunities to engage in unique and unforgettable experiences with their beloved stars.

With all our products enclosed in premium boxes, limited in time and quantity, storytelling remains at the core of our company.


Frederik and Diego are bringing the physical trading card into the digital age. Through collaborations with urban personalities and IP’s like gamers, streamers, athletes, and clubs, they offer fans the chance to own personalized drops of their idols’ trading cards. In this niche market, which has witnessed remarkable growth and is an essential aspect of modern pop culture, they stand alongside giants like Panini and Topps.

Their global releases empower popular personalities to take charge of their brand, fostering authentic and direct interactions with their fans.


At Ultimate Dropz, we’ve always believed that we are “More Than A Trading Card,” and now, we are taking it a step further by embracing social and ecological responsibility. We are thrilled to partner with Viva Con Agua, an organization dedicated to the noble mission of ensuring every human being has access to clean and drinkable water – a fundamental human right. As part of this extraordinary partnership, we are pledging to donate at least one box of each drop to Viva Con Agua. With each purchase, you become a part of this remarkable initiative, contributing to the noble cause of providing life’s most essential resource to those in need. In a world increasingly affected by droughts and global warming, Ultimate Dropz is determined to lead by example. By aligning our passion for collectibles with a greater purpose, we aim to create a positive impact, one drop at a time. Join us on this incredible journey where the magic of trading cards meets the power of social change. Together, we can make a significant difference and ensure the right to clean water is accessible to all. Get ready for a collectible experience that goes beyond the ordinary and embraces a meaningful cause. Let’s make waves of change with Ultimate Dropz and Viva Con Agua! 💧